Ultimate Collection

For those hounds where only the best will do, just the most luxurious and unique collars, and lead sets around - made as one off items, you won't find these special pieces anywhere else!!

These pieces are carefully selected to produce the most sophisticated, striking and glamorous combinations for the most spoilt of hounds. Many of the collars in this collection are accentuated with Swarovski crystals, hand applied using the heat set method, to bring out the beauty of the underlying fabrics. While we feel that this is the best and most durable method of attaching the crystals, and these collars could easily stand up to many years of careful wear, we do suggest that these collars and sets are saved for special occasions and outings to keep them looking at their best

Other collars are embellished with hand stitched "corsages" and crystal pins and should not be left on your hound unsupervised.

All Velvet Lead


Bactra Martingale collar


Bursa House Collar


Daigam Martingale collar


Decade Martingale Collar


Elvette House collars


Fariha Martingale collar


Fast Food Martingale and House collar set


Harle Martingale collar and lead set


Izamir Martingale collar


Quetta Martingale collar


Rasht Martingale collar


SP Velvet House collars


Shiva Martingale collar


Ultimate Lead


Yazd Martingale collar


Zenobia Martingale collar, house collar and lead set