Martingale Collars

Martingale dog collars, also known as Greyhound or Sighthound collars, are perfect for use when walking on the lead.  They were originally designed for Sighthounds because their necks are larger than their head and they can often slip out of buckle collars.  They provides more control by stopping your dog from backing out of the collar by gently closing up when the dog pulls on the lead.
When fitted properly the collar should pull close together but the two d-loops should never quite touch, then when not in use the collar will be comfortably loose. For further information on fitting Martingale (with pictures) see our 
Collar Information page.

We do not recommend martingales are left on unsupervised hounds - they are designed to be used with a lead and therefore should be taken off at the end of the walk. If you are looking for a collar that can be left on your hound, please take a look at our house collars.

All Silver Peacock Martingale collars are either 1 ½" (4 cm) or 2" (5 cm) wide to minimise the pressure on delicate hound necks. Please note however we do not recommend the narrower 1½" version for larger and/or strong; keen or nervous dogs for their own comfort and safety.

Made from sturdy nylon webbing, they are carefully wrapped with a lining fabric (usually cotton blend) and then the decorative fabric, and finished with sturdy , metal fittings, purpose designed to our own specifications to create both a beautiful and comfortable item for your dog. Silver Peacock is careful to ensure that all webbing is covered to stop rubbing and chaffing of delicate necks!

 We carefully source the best fabrics for these collars from all over the world, to bring you an amazing range of styles and types including Chinese satin brocade, Indian Sari, and designer printed cottons (including Kaffe Fassett, Alexander Henry and Robert Kauffman designs). Please also note that these fabrics are purchased in very small quantities, so that each design is an extremely limited edition

And best of all you can hand wash most these collars in mild detergent, or in a  washing machine on a gentle cycle, in a knotted pillowcase, and let them air dry. For more details on caring for our collars please see our Collar information page