Two-coloured Tag collars


A real Silver Peacock staple and one of our signature lines! And with over 300 possible combinations which will you pick?

Made from kangaroo leather lace and hand braided by us, these lightweight, durable and super strong collars are perfect for carrying your hounds tags, and holding them when visitors arrive! We go to the efforts of importing this special kangaroo leather from Australia rather than using ordinary leather, not only because it's so beautiful but because of it's strength and the more it's used the better it gets!

These collars are finished with a high quality loops with the Silver Peacock logo embossed around the edge, and snap clasps, both made to our design to complement the rest of our range in a brushed steel-silver colour.

This option is for the custom made two coloured collars, we do also offer a single coloured version of these collars.

Please note, these collars aren't suitable for use with a lead as they can be slipped very easily and we do not recommend them at all for puppies, the smell of the leather is just too tempting for them. We also suggest that the clip is arranged so the opening part faces away from the hound's skin to avoid any possible pinching.  

To pick the correct size please measure your sighthound's neck at the point which you wish them to wear the collar (usually low on the neck, please see the photo of Archie modelling).  The sizes given below are the finished length of each collar (closed collar with ring engaged in clip), please pick a collar that is 2 or 3 centimeters larger than sighthound's lower neck measurement for best fit.

Please note metallic collars don't wear as well - The foil does rub over time so it's usually best to combine a metallic colour with a plain colour to increase the longevity of your collar. 

The collars soften and ease with wear so although may be a little stiff on arrival, will quickly become supple and mould to your hound's neck.

We now make a matching bracelet for humans, please see the Braided Bracelet page for more details!

Each collar is made individually to your request as a custom order so PLEASE measure your hound carefully, as exchanges are not possible for these collars. 

Colours available:   Light Pink;  Pink;  Burgundy;  Red;  Orange;  Yellow;  Lime Green;  Green;  Turquoise;  Pale Blue;  Blue;  Navy Blue;  Lilac;  Violet;  Purple;  Chestnut;  Dark Chocolate;  White;  Black;  and Metallic Gold;  Metallic Silver; Metallic Bronze  - Please see the single coloured Tag collar page for clear pictures of the individual colours 


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