Till Martingale collar - SP Exclusive


We make no apologies for the abundance of pictures of these stunning collars because they are very special to us!

You will never see this wonderful tweed anywhere else because it was made just for us!  Not only was it designed and woven for us by the talented folk at Skye Weavers, but the yarn for the fabric was dyed specifically for us by Shilasdair yarns using natural plant-based dyes. This unique collaboration has created an elegant tweed that reflects SP perfectly. 

 The is made up of "peacock" colours - two shades of purple, two shades of turquoise-blue; and lime green on a silvery ground. The tweed is woven in a herringbone or "feather" pattern and has a smooth finish.

We really couldn't pick which one colour to line the collar with, and our Facebook fans were equally undecided, so we're offering it with 5 different lining colours: Moss lining with lime webbing; burgundy with burgundy webbing; Turquoise with turquoise webbing; Purple with purple webbing and Steel grey with Steel webbing, that can be covered in velvet if required .

The Standard sized Martingale collar is available in 2 widths: 4cm (1 ½") or 5cm (2") deep and is adjustable from 28cm (11") up to 43cm (17"), with an additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section to allow for easy fitting. This collar is the ideal size for larger dog breeds (i.e. Larger Lurchers, Deerhound, greyhound, saluki).

The Small sized Martingale collar again is available in 2 widths: 4cm  (1 ½") or 5cm (2") and adjusts from approx 22cm (9") up to 32cm (13") again with the additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section . This collar is the ideal size for smaller hounds (i.e. Whippets, and smaller Lurchers).


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