SP Active House collar


Admit it, there are going to be days when you know your hound is going to get filthy, run through the brambles, have rough and tumble games with their pals, and roll around in lords knows what, all in the pouring rain!!  

We've had lots of requests over the years for a super easy-care collar but have always been reluctant to offer one as we thought there were other suppliers making something suitable, but the requests still come, so here is our All-Webbing collar, and it's just as special as the rest of our range.  And you can save those posh SP collars for nicer, more well behaved days!

Made with the best quality polypropylene webbing - the same as we use for our leads - in an ever increasing range of colours, we've lined the collar with fleece to protect your hounds neck as much as we can. We use our sturdy, custom made silver coloured metalwork and the martingale loop uses the same colour webbing as is used in the main body of the collar. Colours of webbing can be seen on our lead pages.

These collars can be washed in the washing machine and air dried, whenever needed and will continue to look good long into the future.

When new, these collars are stiff to adjust, they are designed to be so.

The standard sized House collar is 2.5cm (1") wide and is adjustable from 30 cm (12") up to 46 cm (18") to allow for easy fitting. This collar is the ideal size for larger dog breeds (i.e. Larger Lurchers, Deerhound, Greyhound, Saluki)

The smaller version is also 2.5cm (1") wide and adjusts from 20 cm (8") up to 35 cm (14"), therefore being ideal for the smaller hounds (i.e. whippet, Italian greyhound)


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