Quantum Martingale Collar


We are delighted to be able to offer this stunning design by Elspeth of Paint My Greyhound! Elspeth created this design specifically for us - you'll not find this design any where else! See more of Elspeth's work here: Paint My Greyhound! Etsy shop

The design features dozens of hounds of various breeds, shapes sizes and colours on an amazingly intricate background that will keep you looking for hours!   The house collar version features a smaller scale print than the martingale to fully show off the design on narrower collars - shown above on 3/4" house collar and 2" wide martingale. Each collar will be slightly different depending on how the fabric falls on the collar. The collar is lined in complementary tangerine orange fabric and is finished with our signature robust silver coloured hardware. The martingale version has a golden yellow webbing section.

The design is digitally printed on the best cotton sateen available and will therefore need washing gently on a cool cycle.

This design would also be suitable for a tiny collar or co-ordinating dress lead.

The Standard sized Martingale collar is available in 2 widths: 4cm (1 ½") or 5cm (2") deep and is adjustable from 28cm (11") up to 43cm (17"), with an additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section to allow for easy fitting. This collar is the ideal size for larger dog breeds (i.e. Larger Lurchers, Deerhound, greyhound, saluki).

The Small sized Martingale collar again is available in 2 widths: 4cm  (1 ½") or 5cm (2") and adjusts from approx 22cm (9") up to 32cm (13") again with the additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section . This collar is the ideal size for smaller hounds (i.e. Whippets, and smaller Lurchers).


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