Baronet Martingale Collars


We've been making a corduroy collar for quite a few years now, but we thought it was about time we gave it a fresh new look! 

We've combined gorgeous, richly coloured 8 wale cord with funky spotted lining fabrics in fresh contrasting colours.

 The colour combinations are:
Coffee: Coffee corduroy lined with purple spotted fabric and a chocolate webbing section;
Royal Blue:  Royal Blue corduroy lined with red spotted fabric and a royal blue webbing section;
Burgundy:  Burgundy corduroy lined with lime green spotted fabric and a burgundy webbing section;
Red:  Cherry Red corduroy lined with nave spotted fabric and a dark red webbing section;
Navy Blue:  Navy corduroy with yellow spotted fabric and a navy webbing section;
Purple:  Royal Purple corduroy with sky blue spotted fabric with a purple webbing section.
Green: Leaf green coloured corduroy with slate grey spotted fabric with a forest green webbing section.
Steel: Steel grey corduroy with turquoise spotted fabric with a steel grey webbing section.

This design is not be suitable for a tiny collar or house collars, but do ask us about co-ordinating velvet leads!

The Standard sized Martingale collar is available in 2 widths: 4cm (1 ½") or 5cm (2") deep and is adjustable from 28cm (11") up to 43cm (17"), with an additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section to allow for easy fitting. This collar is the ideal size for larger dog breeds (i.e. Larger Lurchers, Deerhound, greyhound, saluki).

The Small sized Martingale collar again is available in 2 widths: 4cm  (1 ½") or 5cm (2") and adjusts from approx 22cm (9") up to 32cm (13") again with the additional 7cm (3") in the webbing section . This collar is the ideal size for smaller hounds (i.e. Whippets, and smaller Lurchers).

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